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East Lothian Young Carers is East Lothian's young carers charity.

​We support children and young people who look after or help to look after someone in their family.
What we do
Young carers are young people who look after or help to look after a family member such as a parent, grandparent, sibling, uncle, aunt or other relative. Some young carers may care for a family friend. 
"The young carers has helped me so much over the years in various

different things.  They helped me become a more confident individual

not just with being more socially active but also in my school work and

have supported me and encouraged me to do my best and believed in

me.  They gave me the chance to be more like people my age with the

clubs and not have to be worried or stressed for the time I was there."
East Lothian Young Carers is a local independent charity established in 2003 to provide a service to young carers aged 5-24 and their families in East Lothian. 

About East Lothian

Young Carers

East Lothian Young Carers provides young carers across East Lothian with information, support, time out, fun activities, the opportunity to meet other young carers, help with school and home work and family support.

Who are young carers?