East Lothian Young Carers has an open referral system.  With a young carers consent anyone can make a referral to us.  This could be a parent or family member, teacher, social worker, G.P., health staff, community worker or the young carer themselves.

When a referral is received our young carers worker will get in contact and arrange a time to meet.  The meeting normally takes place in the young carer's home.  If that is not suitable an alternative venue can be arranged.

​The young carers worker will talk to the young carer about the support they need.  To help us to see clearly what help the young carer needs and what the support the family might need we will complete a young carers assessment with the young carer.  We know that it can be difficult for young carers to talk about their caring role and we are happy to take things slowly.  After the assessment is complete a support plan is drawn up detailing the support ELYC can offer and if there may be other services we can refer a young carer on to.  If we do refer a young carer to another service we will support the young carer to access the service.

​​​​How to make a referral to East Lothian Young Carers