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Our History

​East Lothian Young Carers is a local charity established in 2002 to provide support to young carers from birth to 24 and their families in East Lothian.  We are one of the oldest young carers services in the country. We began life in 1999 as a project within Carers of East Lothian.  In 2002 we become an independent charity but still retained close links with Carers of East Lothian.


From our early days we have worked holistically with young carers and their families.  The support and services we provide are shaped by what young carers tell us about their lives, the challenges they face and the support they need.  We believe that young carers are children first and foremost and should be offered support to allow them to enjoy their childhood alongside their caring role.  Our support is not time limited; we will support a young carer for as long as they need us.  


During Covid we were faced with the problem of how to continue to support young carers during lockdown. Together with young carers and their families we developed new ways of offering support and respite.  We have now incorporated our Covid model of working into our regular service delivery as it gives us a wider range of ways to offer support to young carers and their families.  


In the spring of 2021 carers services in East Lothian were put out to tender.  At that time we were providing support to young carers and their families struggling with the impact of Covid 19.  The needs of young carers will always come first for us.  We felt it was important not to interrupt our service to work on the tender at such crucial time for young carers and made the difficult decision not to submit a bid.  


We are proud to have a knowledgeable and experienced staff team who are dedicated to helping young carers enjoy their childhood and reach their potential.  This year marks our twentieth year of supporting young carers in East Lothian.  We feel privileged every day to work with such an inspiring group of children and young people.    


Anyone can make a referral to us.  To make a referral click on the link below or contact us for assistance.



Our Vision

The role and contribution Young Carers make to society is recognised and they receive the support and information they need to allow them to enjoy their childhood, reach their potential and make a positive transition to adulthood.

Our Objectives

  • To work holistically putting Young Carers and their families at the heart of everything we do.

  • To raise awareness of Young Carers.

  • To provide Young Carers with a break from their caring role.

  • To reduce the social, educational, health and wellbeing inequalities experienced by Young Carers.

  • To treat everyone we support with empathy.

  • To be inclusive, treat people equally, value, respect and believe in them.


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