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Young Adult Carers 

Our Young Adult Carers service supports young carers aged 16 to 24.  As the support a young carer needs can change over time the support we provide is flexible.  When a young carer leaves the service the door is always open for them to come back in the future. 


The transition from child to adult and the move from secondary school into further education, training or employment is a hugely important time in a person's life.  Young adult carers may find that their caring role makes this time more challenging and difficult to navigate.  Young adult carers may have been caring since they were a child or they have recently become a carer.  Every caring situation is different, but a young adult carer may do one or more of the following for the person they care for  

  • help with medication

  • keeping someone company

  • physical support, such as helping with moving around

  • help with dressing

  • help with washing and toileting

  • help with shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing

  • help with shopping

  • help with paying bills and banking

  • ​help with going to appointments

  • looking after younger brothers and sisters

  • keeping an eye on the person you care for ​

  • listening to worries ​

  • helping the person you care for communicate


Caring can often be rewarding for young carers but can also have a negative effect on a young person's life.  Young adult carers may find it more difficult than other young people their own age to access education, training and employment opportunities.


Caring can also have an impact upon a young person's wellbeing.  Young adult carers can experience feelings of anxiety, worry and guilt.  Caring can be isolating.  Young adult carers may find it difficult to have a social life and keep in touch with their friends.  The impact of caring upon a young adult carer may have lasting impact on their future opportunities and life.


East Lothian Young Carers can support young adult carers to help them make a positive transition into adulthood.  We can offer the following help 


  • one to one support

  • ​help to access a young carers assessment

  • support with school and studies

  • help with applying to further education

  • help with applying for financial support

  • a break from your caring role

  • opportunities to meet other young carers your own age

  • fun activities

  • emergency planning

  • talking to others on your behalf

  • advice and someone to talk to

  • help with financial matters

  • help with housing

  • family support



“young carers has given me a new found confidence, in talking and interacting with people I didn’t have before.  They’ve been a stable group there when you need them and offering help to problems or stressful times I have faced both within and out of my caring responsibilities”


Young Adult Carer 


If you would like to talk to someone about the support we offer young adult carers you can

Call us on 01620 826558

Email us at 

Use the contact form 


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