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Individual Time

It is important to look after yourself when you are caring for someone.  If you would like to have some time on your own with a young carers worker we offer one to one support. During a one to one session you can talk about anything that might be on your mind or worrying you.  The sessions can take place wherever you feel comfortable.  Everything you talk about will be treated confidentially but if the worker is worried about your safety, we may need to get you some help - we would always talk to you about it first. One to one sessions can also be used just to have fun!


Some things you might want to talk about during a one to one session might include


  • how caring affects you

  • the illness or disability of the person you care for

  • how you are coping at school

  • help with schoolwork/homework

  • ​any worries you may have

  • how you are feeling

  • ​what you want to do in the future

  • what you think may help you 

  • help with applying for college/university 

  • what you want to do when you are not caring

  • friendships


If you would like to speak to someone about one to one support, please use the form below,  call us on 01620 826558 or email us at

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